Children are a valuable gift and every child is unique. Parents entrust the care for their children to us. Christian childcare centre Het Kroontje considers this a special task and wants to fulfil this in a correct way. Obviously, the children will get the practical care they need but even more important is that this care is offered in a loving way. Our qualified pedagogical employees know the children well and establish a relationship with the children. The development of the child’s own personality, talents and qualities is the focal point within childcare. The children are allowed to point out where their wishes and preferences lie when choosing activities. At the same time, we also want to challenge the children to try new activities and to adopt new skills. Every child is welcome with us and will be seen and heard!

Pedagogical policy plan

In our pedagogical policy plan we express our visions and the objectives. The policy plan forms a framework used by the childcare centre to give substance to the childcare.  

Our vision on the care and guidance of children is derived as much as possible from the principles provided to us by the Bible.

Meet our team

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